Child and Youth Care Education Resources

Child and Youth Care Practicum Resources

(Compiled by the CYC Practicum Committee of the CYC Educational Accreditation Board) 


The following list is a collection of Child & Youth Care (CYC) practicum resources for educators, supervisors, students, and other people intersecting with CYC practicum. It is offered in the spirit of highlighting CYC practicum knowledge, to support those who design, deliver, and experience it.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

The following list includes available resources (mainly literature) concerning both Child and Youth Care (youth work, psychoeducation, etc.) and practicum (field work, field placement, internship, etc.). It excludes all other information, including, for example, other human service professional education practicum literature, and resources if CYC and practicum is not one of the primary topics of the resource.


(Including: Field/Site Supervisors, Course Instructors, etc.)

Send us Your Resources

We encourage you to send CYC practicum resources and/or feedback (including incorrect categorization, etc.) about this resource list to the CYC Practicum Committee, c/o Carys Cragg, via email at The committee will review it during their regularly established schedule (approx. 1/academic term), with the intention to treat this list as a living document. Please include the title of this document (“Child & Youth Care Practicum Resource List”) in your Subject line, along with the full bibliographic information (including links or pdfs, if available). We look forward to hearing from you.