New members are welcome.

The Chair will be selected from the members appointed by the Board of Directors. Committees work collaboratively with each other and with the Board of Directors to achieve their purpose. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Dianne at

Communications Committee

Cathy Deneiko and Charlotte Serpa

Purpose: The Communications Committee supports the internal and external communications priorities of the CYCEAB, including web-based communications and public relations.


  • Identify annual communication priorities to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Create a seasonal newsletter highlighting the work of the CYCEAB and its members.
  • Manage the social media sites and promote membership and accreditations.
  • Work with the CYCEAB Office Manager to keep the CYCEAB website up to date.

Education Committee

Christine Slavik and Mark Littlefield

Purpose: The Education Committee works collaboratively with the National CYC Conference Organizing Committee to facilitate the pre-conference Education Day. It develops ongoing professional development opportunities through feedback collected from CYCEAB membership and Education Day participants.


  • A well-received Education Day at the National CYC Conference.
  • Serves as a liaison for feedback relating to professional development opportunities from all of those involved in CYC education be they post-secondary educators, students, young people, agency partners, or CYC practitioners, to ensure a vibrant and dynamic educational accreditation process
  • Gains feedback from the membership and Education Day participants to develop ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Reviews and recommends amendments to CYCEAB accreditation standards and education policies as required.

Finance Committee

Monica Pauls

Purpose: The Finance Committee assists the CYCEAB Board of Directors in fulfilling its governance responsibilities with respect to the overall financial planning and sustainability of the CYCEAB. Its role is primarily to provide financial oversight for the Not-for-Profit organization.


  • Develop an annual operating budget with staff and present it for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Present long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them to the board for approval.
  • Create and update (as necessary) policies that help ensure the assets of the organization are protected.
  • Provide regular financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure CYCEAB is compliant with all required reporting of Corporations Canada. 
  • Provide an annual financial report and summary of activities to the general members at the Annual General Meeting.

Human Resources Committee

Christine Slavik

Purpose: The Human Resources Committee will oversee and administer the human resource policies, plans, and procedures.


  • Oversee and administer the human resources policies, plans, and procedures.
  • Review, approve, or recommend for board approval, decisions relating to hiring, delegating responsibilities, compensation, approving professional development, and evaluation of paid senior staff.
  • Review, approve, or recommend for board approval, decisions related to accreditation site reviewers.
  • Provide an orientation for site reviewers.

Nominating Committee

Charlotte Serpa

Purpose: The Nominating Committee acts as an advisory to the CYCEAB Board of Directors on board succession planning and manages nominations for board positions from start to finish.


  • Recommend a succession plan for board director positions.
  • Identify competencies for board positions including those of the Executive Committee.
  • Develop and maintain position descriptions for director and each Executive Committee position.
  • Interact with members and the national and provincial CYC associations to encourage nominations that reflect the diversity and demography of the post-secondary CYC population.
  • Establish and maintain a process to enable nominees to indicate their eligibility and commitment.
  • Identify nominees and manage elections at the AGM.

Practicum Committee

Chair: Shemine Gulamhusein

Purpose: The Practicum Committee promotes and supports CYC field work as a core component of CYC education. This committee is dedicated to ongoing review of CYC practicum design and delivery to continually promote the development of CYC excellence.


Appreciating the contextual diversity of field work across Canada’s post-secondary CYC credentials, the committee intends to achieve the following:

  • Develop, review, and recommend Practicum definitions and standards.
  • Inform and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors as it relates to Practicum within CYC education.
  • Encourage and support professional development, ongoing research, and information sharing in collaboration with CYCEAB.

Policies and Procedures Committee

Fernando Nunes

Purpose: The Policies and Procedures Committee is responsible for creating and updating policies and procedures, for approval by the Board of Directors, which will facilitate CYCEAB operations in accordance with CYCEAB bylaws.


  • Develop, refine, and update the organization’s policies and procedures through the creation, editing, and updating of policy and procedures documents.
  • Create a timeline for the regular revision of the policy documents.

Research Committee

Graham McPheat

Purpose: The Research Committee provides direction to the Board of Directors on a) research and data collection tools for the purpose of accreditation and b) research related to the experience and effectiveness of accreditation.


  • Complete an annual quality review of the data collection tools promoted via the Self-Study Guide to ensure they are current and relevant
  • Share relevant research that may impact accreditation standards with intentions to create an accessible repository of resources
  • Explore the experience and effectiveness of accreditation among member institutions in collaboration with other committees

Standards Development and Implementation Committee

Andrew MacLaine

Purpose: The Standards Development and Implementation Committee provides direction to the Board of Directors on the accreditation requirements for post-secondary Child and Youth Care (CYC) programs.


  • Hold focus group meetings to collect feedback on accreditation materials.
  • Ensure the currency of the Self-Study Guide, Site Review Guide, and the Accreditation Process Flowchart.

Recommendation Panel

Members are appointed by the Board of Directors or the Human Resources Committee.

The Recommendation Panel is responsible for the accreditation recommendation to the CYCEAB Board of Directors on Child and Youth Care programs that have completed the accreditation process as outlined in CYCEAB policy. Members of the panel are CYCEAB-approved reviewers and are considered recognized experts in the Child and Youth Care field. The panel considers the site reviewer’s findings from their site visit and their review of the self-study report which includes the quality enhancement plan and other related documents.

The Recommendation Panel considers two major criteria:

  1. the degree to which the program demonstrates alignment with current CYC principles and practices and
  2. the level of rigour of the pre-service programs provided for students.